Friday, April 19, 2019

Eric (BiggRedd) Kirkland

Management Change at Entertainment Labor Force dba ELF-Labor

ELF Labor would like to welcome Eric (Bigg Redd) Kirkland as President of Entertainment Labor Force. 

Look for NEW and GREAT changes to the Stagehand Labor Market in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Entertainment Labor Force / elf labor
702-898-5885 office


  1. Having met Bigg Reds for the first time some months ago. I knew that he was genuinely committed to his craft!

    It sickens him to know that someone was treated unfairly or dishonestly. He is one of the last remaining Jedi of this industry. He truly cares!
    Having spoken with Alex I have discovered he to is genuinely identified as a validly engaged.

    I have been involved in this industry for over 40 years. I love my craft and I love people who truly care about the people and the organization's they help every day.

    I am new to this area and am looking forward to an opportunity to work with these fine young men!

    I have indeed applied for work here at this organization. It feels like the right thing to do!

    I am a graduate of Brigham Young University with emphasis on Theatre Arts and Education. I am thrilled to work with honorable people wherever they can be found!

    I was immediately drawn to Bigg Redd and his upbeat sense of humor. He is also an Army Veteran, I am a 16 year vet myself.

    Having spent 8 years in the United States Navy. Then having joined the Army National Guard myself. I am proud to be associated with such phenomenal people! Go bless all who would take a look at the true men and women behind this organization! You will not regret it.
    Warren J. Garceau

  2. Hopefully I will be able to see you tomorrow. I'm coming into fill out the paperwork to become an elf. Thank you for inviting me to the family.