Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Alex at ELF Labor

His background is working in shops building stages, sets, working production shows, conventions and setting up events for productions. Knowledge of rigging and welding with 3 years of business management. Alex job will be working with clients and crews and making sure all clients have the labor needed to do the job our clients require from Entertainment Labor Force. Say hi to Alex at alex@elflabor.com or 702-898-5885

Natalie at ELF Labor
Natalie comes to Entertainment Labor Force from the event industry. Working in the office environment will help ELF with the proper office etiquette. Having years of Theatre training, she will be a positive attitude working in the office and in the field. Give Natalie an email at natalie@elflabor.com and say welcome.

Stop by the ELF Labor office at 3355 Spring Mountain suite #14 and meet Alex and Natalie in person or call them at 702-898-5885 for all you Stage Labor needs. 

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